Ugliness Man (uglinessman) wrote in beat_geeks,
Ugliness Man

attention artists

me and my buddy Theodore Diesel have formed Unknown Artist, a messed-up instrumental project with mostly hip-hop-esque overtones. As it stands, all of the images used on our soundclick areas are randomly selected from Google Image Searches, which is kinda cool and all, but we'd sort of like to avoid any possible copyright bullshit or any other such nonsense, so I was wondering if any folks here would be willing to contribute some original artwork. Basically, listen to the tunes (there's 5 up there right now), and whip up a picture of what you think the two of us look like, and/or make some "avatar" sized images for the individual songs. Comment to this post either with pics or links to pics (please, link to the pictures directly, or to a photobucket page or something like that, don't link to a devianart page, that shit takes forever to load!)

Here's the semi-official stuff in non-lawyer-talk. First of all, nobody's making any money from any of this shit. If you're a pro, understand that anything you submit for consideration is a charitable donation. We're not making money from this, and we're sure as hell not going to pay you anything.

Second, for any artwork you submit, you will still retain all rights to use it for anything else you want, as long as we still retain permission to use it on the areas. To elaborate a bit more, this stipulation will be limited to the pages; if we decided to start making CDs or posters or stickers or anything not on the domain, we will create or obtain new, unrelated artwork.

Third, and this really should go without saying, but I don't want anyone to get antsy... the original artist of any piece we decide to use will be given full credit in whatever capacity is possible. In fact, for the band image you can even put a small bar on the bottom with text like "Artwork (c) 2005 so-and-so" if you want.
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