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Hip-hop's red-headed step-children.

Idiots savant garde
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This is an open community for underground/indie hip-hop heads, as well as everyone else. Although the main themes of the community are beats, and their makers; we welcome all types musicians, and enthusiasts alike. I guess you can say we're equal opportunity head bobbers.

Feel free to post whatever music related ish you wish; news, shows, beats, deals on musical equipment and so on.

However, if you must advertise, you must keep it kosher. No advertising your new musical porn site, or rubbish of that nature. And remember: this is a space for making music, not a profit. So if you take our forum for a whore, you are grossly mistaken.

Share only your music, or music you have permission to share. Posting illegal mp3's is a fast way to get us in trouble; so anything illegal will be deleted. But, what you do on your personal journal, in friends only posts, is your business. *wink*

Keep the criticism constructive [that doesn't mean you have to be nice, that just means you have to say something that, in your humble opinion, will help the artist.] Telling people their music sucks, and they should die isn't very constructive, or very nice. So if you have nothing nice to say, leave an anonymous comment with your scathing remark, so we can all laugh.

Just kidding, anonymous posts are disabled.

These terms are subject to change without notice. If you act like a jerk, the only notice you will receive, will be a swift kick in the ass on your way out.

Now, that being said; take your backpack and trucker cap off...let your messy hair down; stay awhile.