Bonnie Burton (bonniegrrl) wrote in beat_geeks,
Bonnie Burton

UNKLE Dreams of Dewbacks

When DJ and electronic recording artist James Lavelle of the electronic/rock collective UNKLE first found himself standing in the toy store as a kid staring at the shelves full of figures from a galaxy far, far away, it was his destiny to become a lifelong collector.

"I remember always wanting Han Solo toys as a kid," Lavelle says. "The first time I got any Star Wars toys it was quite overwhelming. When I got an X-wing fighter I felt like I finally made it. As I started my collection I discovered that there was a toy manufacturer that made different Star Wars toys in America than in England, but no one at school believed me. There was a dewback that came out only in America and I remember seeing it at a friend of mine's house who was an American. He always had toys sent to him from his family in the States. So when I was recollecting Star Wars toys at about 18 that was the first thing that I bought. It became the Holy Grail of toys for me."

Full interview here:
UNKLE Dreams of Dewbacks
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