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Sounds/Samples/Kits/Wavs - Akai MPC, FL Studio, Acid Pro [04 Mar 2009|11:29pm]

Sounds-Kits-Samples, Akai Mpc, FL Studio, Acid Pro, wav
J Dilla, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Neptunes, Outkast, Timabaland, Just Blaze, plus much more.
Over 5 GB's of sounds, samples, one shots, etc. - only $16.99.

plus plug-ins for ProTools, FL Studio, Acid Pro (Waves Bundles, T-Pain Effect, plus much more)

Check the listing on Ebay... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300298315806
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wghhradio.com home of progressive hip hop [09 Sep 2007|10:55pm]


Click here to get your own player.

check out the station at http://www.wghhradio.com
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Galvanize the Empire! [05 Jun 2007|06:04pm]

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[29 Oct 2006|10:47pm]

That's my shit... Olivia - So Sexy (Promo Mix)

Check it!..  http://getfile.biz/52176

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not inspired - I think this is my house (house) [12 Oct 2006|05:57pm]

This has been a busy week, This track is caled "I think this is my house."
Any feedback would be nice.
hope you like it
128kbps / 5.2mb or 256kbps / 10.4mb

x posted to all hell sorry if i screw up your friends pages
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October Promo Mix [05 Oct 2006|02:29pm]

A bit of slightly jacked up house madness for you all. This is slightly more tame than my normal stuff and a tad slower too so i hope you enjoy it.

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UNKLE Dreams of Dewbacks [29 Sep 2006|02:08pm]


When DJ and electronic recording artist James Lavelle of the electronic/rock collective UNKLE first found himself standing in the toy store as a kid staring at the shelves full of figures from a galaxy far, far away, it was his destiny to become a lifelong collector.

"I remember always wanting Han Solo toys as a kid," Lavelle says. "The first time I got any Star Wars toys it was quite overwhelming. When I got an X-wing fighter I felt like I finally made it. As I started my collection I discovered that there was a toy manufacturer that made different Star Wars toys in America than in England, but no one at school believed me. There was a dewback that came out only in America and I remember seeing it at a friend of mine's house who was an American. He always had toys sent to him from his family in the States. So when I was recollecting Star Wars toys at about 18 that was the first thing that I bought. It became the Holy Grail of toys for me."

Full interview here:
UNKLE Dreams of Dewbacks
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Droid and Bass: RJD2 [11 Aug 2006|04:14pm]


When you hear the name RJD2 it's easy to imagine this master turntablist playing with the Max Rebo Band, perhaps standing right next to Droopy McCool. "The very first rapper I ever worked with was this guy named Gomer who would freestyle while I was spinning records," RJD2 recalls. "He just started calling me RJD2 because my first name is RJ. And the name stuck."

The intergalactic moniker makes sense considering the saga's impact on his youth. "The Empire Strikes Back was one of the first movies I saw in a movie theater, so various scenes of that movie are still pretty vivid to me," RJD2 says. "I remember being mildly confused by A New Hope, but Empire really sucked me in. Of course, Star Wars was just inextricably linked to my generation. Everybody I knew was into it. In hindsight, I would guess it was because they were great stories, and well produced. Even when I got older and realized the limitations of the original special effects, the films were still uniquely quirky."

Full my interview with RJD2 here:
Droid and Bass: RJD2
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[05 Aug 2006|06:19pm]

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DJ Cut Chemist and R2-D2 at Amoeba [03 Aug 2006|11:23am]

DJ Cut Chemist and R2-D2 do their thing at Amoeba in-store.

To read more about Cut Chemist and his Star Wars fandom go here:
Cut Chemist Plays Fetch with Chewie
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more new material and a new website to boot [02 Aug 2006|11:00am]

Hi all, I have another new track now available online, its called Dark Door and its a more progrsesive breaks affair than the two previous releases from last week. In addition to this all of the available tracks have been re encoded and are now available in 128kbps as well as 256kpbs versions so if your on limited band width you now have a few more options. I hope you enjoy them.

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The [Kaiburr] Crystal Method [15 Jul 2006|05:09am]


When The Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland first saw A New Hope as a small child in a packed theater one summer evening in 1977, he discovered a fantastical galaxy full of droids, stormtroopers and cantina aliens that would forever change how he gazed upon the night sky.

"No memory is as powerful as the first time I saw Star Wars," Kirkland says. "My parents took me to see it on my seventh birthday. It was amazing; I remember being hypnotized by the screen. The themes of good and evil strike to the core of every human being and the characters George Lucas created stay with you. For me Star Wars fed my imagination. The night I walked out of the movie theater in the summer of 1977, I looked at the stars in a very different way. The minute it was over I begged my parents to bring me back. I think I saw it about ten times that summer."

After seeing the original trilogy, Kirkland says he felt inspired to let his dreams influence his future as a budding musician, so much so that years later he made sure to thank filmmaker George Lucas in his liner notes. "Episodes IV-VI are how I got hooked," Kirkland says. "Seeing A New Hope ignited my imagination. I realized at an early age to expand my thought and dreams beyond that little movie theater in Las Vegas. That's why I thanked George Lucas on our first album Vegas."

Read the full interview here:
The [Kaiburr] Crystal Method
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Cut Chemist Plays Fetch with Chewie [25 Jun 2006|03:47am]


Lucas Chris Macfadden, better known as Cut Chemist the turntable guru of the high-profile hip hop crew Jurassic 5, had a feeling Star Wars would rule his childhood the minute he first laid eyes on the triangular silhouette of an Imperial cruiser.

"I saw A New Hope in 1977 at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood when I was four years old and remember watching the opening scene with the endless Star Destroyer moving across the screen," Macfadden recalls. "It was bigger than life. A New Hope was the perfect story and the direction was superb. A lot of the film was music and images, like a classical music video, with so much time going by without any dialogue. No other episode in the saga had this quality. Someone once told me that Sir Alec Guinness had 88 lines in the film which is the divine number in India. If that's true that must mean something, right?"

Read the full interview here:
Cut Chemist Plays Fetch with Chewie

Also check out this clip of Cut Chemist showing off his spinning skills and letting R2-D2 have the last "word" here:
Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, and DJ Nu-Mark with R2-D2
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preview of new track [13 Jun 2006|01:07am]

This is just a little tid bit i have been working on. Its not finished yet but for the dj's out there feel free to play it out if you like it, also feel free to send me any feedback you like.

Not Inspired
Happy Bleeps n shit.
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Funk Driven Hip Hop band out of Southern California [27 Mar 2006|11:36am]


My name is Denean and I wanted to introduce my band, Liqdzunshine. We're a hip hop band out of Southern California.

Take a listen!
LiqdzunshineCollapse )

much respect,
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[14 Mar 2006|03:51am]

Image hosting by Photobucket

hi guys i'm new here.
i'm looking for lj friends and/or people who are interested in my music.
i'm sorry for the abrubt introduction, but summarized intros aren't my thing.
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attention artists [05 Oct 2005|12:19pm]

me and my buddy Theodore Diesel have formed Unknown Artist, a messed-up instrumental project with mostly hip-hop-esque overtones. As it stands, all of the images used on our soundclick areas are randomly selected from Google Image Searches, which is kinda cool and all, but we'd sort of like to avoid any possible copyright bullshit or any other such nonsense, so I was wondering if any folks here would be willing to contribute some original artwork. Basically, listen to the tunes (there's 5 up there right now), and whip up a picture of what you think the two of us look like, and/or make some "avatar" sized images for the individual songs. Comment to this post either with pics or links to pics (please, link to the pictures directly, or to a photobucket page or something like that, don't link to a devianart page, that shit takes forever to load!)

semi-official type stuffCollapse )
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mic check 1 2 [24 Sep 2005|01:33pm]

[ mood | high ]

im into alot of music. mainly hip hop and stuff with heavy guitar in it. but thats another story.

i like em, the beasties, common, tech n9ne, roots, j5, sage, immortal tech, murs, bro ali, eyedea and abilities, the cunninlynguists and some others. ive been in boot camp for the past 6 months and im like the only person i know whos into any underground.. soo.. anything nice out you think i might like?

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Jesse Dangerously [18 Sep 2005|09:05pm]

Hi kids!

I realize this community is pretty quiet, but it seemed like an alright place to post a quick note regarding awesome rapper Jesse Dangerously who happens to also be my best friend but that's not the only reason I like his raps.

Jesse does things like rapping in 5/4 time, rapping absurdly quickly, and rapping about the politics of activism. He's released 3 solo recordings and has an EP coming out next month called Inter Alia. He was recently voted runner-up Best MC in the Coast's 2005 Best Of Music poll, was a top-ten finalist in a Napster-sponsored writing/rapping competition judged by Chuck D, and he hosts CDKU's weekly hip hop show, handed down to him from Buck 65 and Scratch Bastid.

A big fan of 1988 to 1994 era hip hop, his influences include the lilting hyperspeed of Chip Fu; the pop culture whirlwind of Das Efx; the indignance and unabashed political overtones of Public Enemy; the intricate rhyme schemes of Lord Finesse; and the cocky arrogance of teenaged LL Cool J or Fresh Prince.

If any of that sounds appealing, you should fully check it out.

If you want to get more of the scoop, check out:

Jesse on MySpace
Jesse's online mediakit at Sonicbids
Jesse at New Music Canada

Halifax loves him! Maybe you will love him, too!
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[18 Jul 2005|07:08pm]


It just started, but it's going to be a community where people can ask and give answers to top fives. Come join if you'd like.
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